Monday, October 18, 2010

My Essay for October 19

Bob Dylan has been critically know for his music about civil rights, and anti-war movements. One I'd like to discuss about is the song "The Times They Are a-Changin'". The song was written in an attempt to create an anthem of change for the civil rights movement. It describes a new age pushing forth for change and equality and how those in power must accept the changes. When I listened to this song, it has this sense of tranquility to change in society and how many should welcome it for the better. In this song Bob Dylan writes to a couple of types of people in a society. Each telling them what must be done.
   The first verse metaphorically speaks to the people that they should admit that there isn't equality and time after time they will be sinking if they don't start swimming. This verse is kind of like giving people an epiphany that they can do something about it or drown in their dreams of hope.
   The Third verse speaks to those in power and how they should accept these changes that they have been avoiding. He gives us a picture of them blocking the halls and how soon enough their methods won't work anymore after years of neglecting because society will become enraged. So he asks them to heed the call and be open about the subject of giving the black community their rights.
   The fourth verse is speaking to the black mothers and fathers and how they should not criticize these changes but to accept them, because many thought it was crazy to make these changes. So he asks to lend the new road a hand and leave the old road behind.
   Bob Dylan was trying to write a big song with short concise verses each deliberately speaking to certain people. The Black community, The ones in power, and finally the parents of the black community.

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  1. Hi Julio -

    This looks like a great topic to explore further. Think about what kind of information you'll want to find in your research about how the song came to be, how it's been used, and so forth.