Thursday, December 2, 2010

Public Art Post

NYC is a state full of art, everywhere we walk we see some form of art waiting to be appreciated by someone who crosses by it but often times miss it. Sometimes we’re too busy to see them as we rush into our schedules, no one has much time to appreciate it’s significance. Street art can be found in almost any place of any town yet fail to be spotted by those that run on autopilot, but there is one place where art never fails to be missed and stands tall for everyone to watch as we go about our daily schedule.
5 Pointz would be my pick to include in my own museum exhibit because it is made by Graffiti artists, all trying to post their piece of art on any available space to show their work by many viewers. This building has never failed to be seen by those that take the 7 train between court house sq. and hunters point. The building stands in the center of all 5 boroughs where the 7 train takes a turn and then becomes exposed on almost all it’s sides, leaving you astonished by the art that has been presented to you.
I pass by it every time i take the 7 train and it makes me contemplate about every piece of graffiti art I have come across throughout these boroughs. I feel 5 pointz represents for what urban art is in NYC. There is without a doubt a piece of graffiti art colored on the brick wall to be seen in all five boroughs. 5 pointz is therefore symbolic to the NYC urban art life because it is in the heart of all boroughs.